OIFF SHORT is a film festival dedicated exclusively to short films. There are no restrictions of any kind, except for duration. OIFF accepts films that last from 1 to 45 minutes.

Why only short films?

Because we believe that this is a mandatory step for all those who have the ambition to became professional directors. It is a fascinating but difficult profession, and it is necessary to move the first steps and to gain experience through the fantastic world of short films. Making a short film, which is cheaper than a feature film, it presents considerable difficulties. It is not easy to express something in a short time, but the final result may spread a certain appeal to the public. The short film today is able to find the consensus of an increasingly large audience that wants to get excited by attending to "faster" and immediate paths, by not neglecting some fundamental parameters such as the language and esthetic. Last but not least, it is a real challenge to be eventually noticed by accredited producers who are constantly looking for new authors to bet on, for the realization of feature films.

To participate in OIFF it is necessary to pay an entrance fee of only 12 USD.

The best entries will be selected by an internal judging panel and will compete during an online event in May 2022.