Ashley Davison
United States
142.210 USD

A fun, new character driven series that buzzes like a swarm of honey bees. Charlie Bee Company is a show about a wild bunch of Texas beekeepers who rescue killer honeybees from desperate and dangerous situations, enlightening the public with each new sting. Charlie Agar is the owner and operator of Charlie Bee Company, a bee removal service based in downtown New Braunfels in the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Experience the day-to-day challenges of a bee removal expert as he takes viewers on house calls fraught with unique dangers and challenges. From climbing trees to sawing into the walls of homes, Charlie never quite knows what to expect when he finds a nuisance hive. Assisting Charlie are two experienced beekeepers — Al Friedle and George Thomas. The dynamic among the three men is easygoing as they’re constantly throwing good-natured jabs at one another and having fun at their thankless work. And each brings his own set of skills, insights, idiosyncrasies, and sense of humor to the scene. While Charlie and the team take viewers along on a dangerous and unpredictable journey into the heart of wild and sometimes aggressive hives, they also work to educate the viewer about the nature of bees. Working alongside experts, they’ll explore a variety of topics involving bee life: the anatomy of bees, bee behavior and hive mentality, and bee products from mead to candles. Charlie Bee Company stands out in the TV lineup by bringing bee conservation to a national audience and taking viewers to the frontline of beehive removal and into the quirky world of the backyard apiarist.