The Spirit

Short, Drama
Madi Kairzhan

Aliyah is the pride of her parents, who, sparing no effort or time, brought her up, protected her, and nurtured her. She is intelligent, tactful, and educated.
Aliya has dreams that after passing her final exams, she will finally be able to travel, explore the world, communicate with different and interesting people! To do something useful for herself and her family. To help everyone who needs help, to meet her love!
Her father is the head of their village. He has taught Aliyah everything he knows since she was little. To be worthy to run her village, to take responsibility when the time comes. Her mother, on the other hand, taught her to be compassionate, loving, the keeper of the hearth of her future family. To be strong when needed, and to be gentle when needed. She grew up in such an atmosphere, becoming more and more worthy of becoming the head of her village.
But her plans were not destined to come true. One warm evening as she walked home from the store, she is stolen along the way by unknown assailants.