Warm lake

Best film

Short, Drama
Aruan Anartayev

At the end of summer, the lakeside resort is still crowded, but not as crowded as it was a month ago. In August, everything has already blossomed, it begins to get colder, and fewer people are bathing in the lake. The trees are overflowing with fruit and the branches are laying on the burnt grass. It’s not the first summer a local boy has been here, whose mother, working in the kitchen of the sanatorium, brings him to the water and sun from the city for the vacations. Amre has grown accustomed to the change of friends who come and go. Sometimes he plays soccer or goes to the mountain gorge to pick buckthorn berries with the local boys, sometimes he stays on the beach with the visiting boys. He goes to the far zone for a movie screening in an old cinema hall with a rotten roof, where on cloudy evenings the rain can fall between the screen and the auditorium. Large and small white pleasure boats docked at the pier on schedule, taking noisy excursions with them.